Instructions On Selling Singles

  • To begin your order, sign into your account and go to the “Sell Cards”.
  • To add cards to your sell order, select an edition from the dropdown menu and locate your card, or enter a keyword (such as a card name, or a card type such as “token”) to search the buy list.
  • Click the “Qty to Sell” button to the right of the card you would like to sell, and then click the number of how many of the card you would like to add to your sell order.
  • Repeat until you have created your sell order with all cards you intend to sell listed. Before going to checkout and finalizing your order, please double check what you have listed in the order. If there are any cards that have been listed that are not in the correct set or not the correct amount, please go back and modify the order to reflect what is going to be included in your order. *If there are a significant number of cards that are listed incorrectly on your order, your order may be canceled and returned to you so you can recreate it with the correct listings*
  • Once you have checked your order and verified that all cards listed are correct, click “Checkout”.