It’s 1993!

Yes in 1993, a man named Richard Garfield created the very first collectible card game, Magic The Gathering. Little did I know that this game was going to change my life in a big way.

People always ask,  “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some nice people in northern Minnesota wanted to help women in the sciences. They gave me a scholarship to go into biology. The scholarship was the motivation to go to the University of Minnesota. I wonder if these kind people would consider running a magic store a science? I think Magic qualifies as a science. Thankfully I don’t have to give that scholarship money back.

It was 1977 and I had that biology degree. I had no clue what I could do with it. My first job was in the pharmacy building on the University of Texas campus. I got a job with Dr. Karl Folkers who had been nominated for the Nobel prize for discovering Vitamin B6.  Basically in the lab we were giving high doses of B6 to people who had certain medical conditions. We did find that it helped with carpel tunnel syndrome. 

In the following years I worked for the City of Austin’s Health Department testing drinking water for pesticides, and the City of Austin’s Emergency Medical Services certifying EMT and Paramedics. 

Ok, how does this get me to owning a game store? 

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