Trade and Sell Card Policies


Thank you for submitting your buylist! At Pat’s Games, we take the integrity of our card collection and our community seriously. As such, we have some policies in place to ensure that the cards we sell are authentic, properly graded, and obtained by legal means. Please read each section below.

 Place Your Buylist Trade/Sell Order Through Our Online System

Please bring cards in within 1 week of placing the order, or the order will be canceled. Have all the cards out of sleeves sorted in the order they were placed online.

Card Grading 

Buylist processing involves inspecting each card for condition grade. If any card does not match the condition entered, as determined at the sole discretion of Pat’s Games staff, it will be updated to the correct price and condition in our buylist pricing system.

 Card Authentication 

Each card with significant value will also be inspected for authenticity. We use authentication tests as recommended by Wizards of the Coast, TCGPlayer, and other reliable MTG experts. If any cards in the buylist submitted to us fails any single authentication test, we reserve the right to refuse to purchase any or all cards in the buylist.  Additionally, we reserve the right to refuse your business in the future.  This may include, but is not limited to, refusing future buylists or restricting your access to store premises.

 We don’t want fake cards circulating in our store or our community. If you would like to learn how to spot counterfeits, our staff is available to provide you with guidance on our authentication process. If you are unsure of the authenticity of your cards, we are happy to verify them in store at any time, and at no charge.

 Legal Ownership 

We often get notified when a customer has their stuff stolen so that we can keep a lookout for it. If you try to sell us cards that match a stolen property report, we will notify the local police authorities. We also won’t buy them from you. Because that’s illegal.

 Payment Options 

When you submitted your buylist, you chose cash, store credit or PayPal for payment. Store credit will be paid out to the account attached to your buylist once fully processed. If you chose cash, you have the option to receive a paper check or a Paypal payment. If you choose to receive a check, we will write one out upon completing your buylist and it can be deposited immediately. Paypal payments will be submitted after completion of inspection and are subject to Paypal’s transfer and settlement time frames.